Wild, Savage, Enchanting

I like that strange light. It barely enlightens a woman who is feeling free of stereotypes and is shouting freedom. She is restless and always moving around, it can be seen in her unfocused portraits. Our minds sometimes bring us to real ourselves and we let us do what we really want: shout, tousle hair, express emotions that accompany our thoughts. It looks like we have been locked up, restrained and have broken out again. Her portrait appeals to our conscience: why we don’t allow  ourselves a lot of things and constrain ourselves, and we always think about your image and often suffer because of that limitation… I like white clothes, people wearing them seem so light and free.

A Portrait of a Dancer

I have never been a dancer. A dancer with all these fancy clothes and a perfect posture, and fabulous haircut. It often looks like their backstage never ends, it doesn't have any borders, edges. How does it feel to be a dancer? What does a portrait of a dancer look like?