In "Wonderland Backstage" you will find a humoristic and never realistic view on a personality, fashion, examining the meaning and importance of everyday inspiration, struggles, outfit through photography and philosophy. Using our creativity, our everyday routine becomes a kind of an unreal thing, a thought, it might be a real wonderland. Clothes, ideas, inspiration, marketing, moods, expressions, fails are these things that usually stay in the backstage. How does it look like, this backstage of our imaginative everyday wonderland? Maybe it’s more interesting than easily visible concepts?

For what purpose are we all changing our image, clothes, moods? Which porch do we all always stand in front of? What is everyone of us thinking before leaving the backstage? What speech, movements, expressions are we all rehearsing then? What are we all preparing for, hoping it will succeed? Choose your role and prepare for the stage, for the challenges, for the inspiring metamorphosis. We wear something and have hopes for something to happen, dream about something or expect, therefore this space becomes full of hopes, thoughts and dreams, it becomes a real wonderland. That’s the backstage of wonderful wonderland.

Wonderland Backstage also has its own backstage, you can find everything related with behind the scenes, what inspires me and other everyday stories on Facebook and Instagram. For carefully picked pictures follow me on Flickr.

That's me. For ideas, collaboration and all that happens between wonderland and backstage you can write me to: hello.wonderlander@wonderlandbackstage.com.

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